& Canned Food Drive

Friday, Mar 8, 6-8 PM
True Legends Grill, Liberty Lake


March 13 4-7 PM
Reef Boise


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We are the Inland Empire Parrothead Club, a dedicated group of phriends connected through the tropical spirit of Jimmy Buffett's music, writings, and dedication to community.  Our goal is to bring together like-minded folk to promote phriendships and organize social activities for phun and charity.  PARTY WITH A PURPOSE!.

The Inland Empire Parrothead Club is a Not For Profit organization, fully chartered and officially recognized by Parrot Heads In Paradise, Inc., the oversight organization for all Parrot Head Clubs around the world ( 

Founded in 2015, we support our mission through our events, raising awareness, money and donations for the charities throughout the Inland Empire. Our commitment is to leave things a little better than we found them - and have a BLAST while doing it.

What is a Parrot Head?

"What is a Parrot Head?" they ask when we appear in mass. What makes you wear those crazy clothes and imitate an a--? The answer is not simple but then again, it is tis really just a frame of mind around Jimmy Buffett's biz.

It's sitting in a traffic jam and picturing a beach; a far off island in the sea that's just beyond your reach; a flowered shirt, a crazy hat, a cheeseburger in hand; a beach chair at an awesome park with a Trop-rock music band.

By day we may be doctors and lawyers or don a 3 piece suit; by night the margaritas flow and grass skirts sure look cute. With sailing songs and steel drum beats the stress can melt away; and if you haven't tried it, don't knock it as they say.

We celebrate the pirate life, the hula girls and rum; a bunch of crazy drinkin' folk we have been called by some. Dancing barefoot, squeezing limes, it is a tropical circus; but hold the bashing and keep in mind, we Party with a Purpose.

So welcome to this phlocking and we hope that you'll be kind. Beyond the beaks and feathers you will certainly no doubt find the greatest bunch of people that take charity to heart; that welcome anyone that has the urge to play a part.

                                              -- Parrot Heads of the Palm Beaches